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Anchovies Pizzeria began as an idea - given to me by God Almighty in the Summer of 2013. After many months of prayer for confirmation, Anchovies started to become a reality. Over the course of the following year, He blessed me with everything I needed to open a Pizzeria!


The fingerprints of many Red River residents are on this place: Ronnie Pockrandt of Red River Construction, Tim Tate, Billy Donithorne of Latigo Mechanical, Francois Rossard of Millennium Electric, and many others worked hard to get the building ready. We wouldn’t have had a building at all if it weren’t for J.D. and Renee Brandenburg. What this place represents is a collection of family and friends working together with the Lord to bless all who come through these doors.


Please, come. Sit down with your family and friends and enjoy the pizza. And may God bless you!


Trinity West



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